The PARCC Test: Exposed [excerpts deleted under legal threat from PARCC]

THIS is what is going on in our classrooms! Our children are being abused by this testing system asking them to read and perform 2 levels ABOVE their current level. They are setting our kids and teachers up to lose.

Americas Education Watch

I love sharing others blog posting! Not because I want to share in their glory, but because the education of our children is so important and parents need to know all the back ally’s and twist and turns being used to remove our REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT and the “DUMBING” DOWN of OUR children.

At this stage of the game I cannot state strong enough how important it is to get your children enrolled in a “Home School Coalition”. Even if you have to work, “where there is a will there is a way”.  LINK I say this not because of any lack of support for teachers on my part, but because of the laws being passed by non-educators and the curriculum and standardized testing being thrown at our children. There are many very good teachers who have left the profession because of these things and would probably be glad to work…

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