“Evidence-Based…..”, “Research-Based…”, “Data-sharing”…”Big Data”…”Data…” Data…”, Data…”

By Deb Herbage

Imagine a corporation (Exxon Mobile, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Facebook, Cisco, etc.),  colleges and  universities (Harvard University, Stanford University, UCLA, MIT, USF, UF, etc.), foundations  (Bush’s many foundations, Walton Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, etc.), think tanks, ed-tech companies, non-profits and organizations (NGA, CCSSO  having the ability to log in to a special database that contains information about your child which gives them full access to the “student” data of their choosing.  This student data has been compiled and continues to be compiled from the many data mining and data collection tools, programs and policies put in place with the implementation of the  Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) that were set up in each and every state prior to the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  CCSS was the catalyst to the data meta tagging.  And thanks to the Gates Foundation and his financial backing of the Data Quality Campaign –states and companies like Google are and have been mandated to collect private information, social emotional data, and extremely private and sensitive data as well as health and behavioral information.   Testing companies and education companies like the Google education apps and Facebook are also collecting every keystroke your child makes, every click of the mouse your child makes and also your child’s facial expressions through facial recognition software under the guise of “education research”.   They are allowed to do this and have successfully linked multi-state agency databases together – the US Dept. of Education (DOE), US Dept. of Justice (DOJ), US Dept. of Defense (DoD), US Chamber of Commerce (COC), and the US Dept. of Health (DOH) as well as other state databases.  Creating a national database is highly illegal with laws put in place to prevent this, however the US DOE circumvented this by gutting FERPA in 2012.

Schools, testing companies, corporations and “data brokers” continue to collect, mine, store, and sell our kids data to other companies for purposes such as marketing, “research” and “education analytics”.  Our kids data is being amassed for corporations to “invest” in our kids’ education.  With over 1,000,000 data points being collected daily on our children here is an example of what a third party “education research” company, college, university, government entity or any company that purchased or acquired your child’s data would see and have access to :

SAMPLE  Student Data Profile

Student:  John James Doe
Age:  11
DOB:  July 7th 2005
Place of Birth:  Born at XYZ Hospital via C-Section
Complications:  Baby was breech – unsuccessful in turning – Caesarian Section performed.
Parents:  Mary and David Doe
Father Information:  David Doe, Born in New York, New York on 12/18/1975.
Mother Information:  Mary Doe, Born in Winchester, Massachusetts on 3/12/1972.
Parents Married and Anniversary Date:  June 6th 2001
Place of Marriage:  St. John the Apostle Church in Wilmington, Massachusetts
Marital Status:  Divorced.  Divorce Decree issued on September 15th 2012 in 1st District Court of Middlesex County, Cambridge,  Massachusetts citing irreconcilable differences.
Past Residence:  1234 Main St., Wilmington, Massachusetts  01887
Current Residence:  1234 Main St., New Port Richey, FL
Phone Number:  000-000-0000
Relocation: Family relocated to FL in 2005.
Parental Education:  David Doe – graduated from University of Massachusetts with degree in Engineering on May 24th 1987.
Mary Doe – attended one year of college at Middlesex Community College from August 17th 1984 through May 16th 1985.  Did not complete degree.
Parental Work History:  David Doe – employed by XYZ Corporation from 1988 to present (company relocated family to Florida).  Mary Doe – part-time employment at XYZ Company.  Stay at home mom.
Home Address:  345 Main St., New Port Richey, FL  00000
Type of Structure: (see picture if available) Single family house – one story
Property: (from property tax records)
Photo of Dwelling:  (see attached from property records).  Single family – one story home.  Home in good repair with weekly lawn maintenance.
Siblings:  Brother –  Jack John Doe – DOB: May 16, 2003, Sister – Sarah Marie Doe – DOB:  August 25,2006
Birth Certificates for siblings:  (see attached)
Student History:  Enrolled in VPK in New Port Richey, FL, currently completed 5th grade.
Schools Attended:  Learning Goals VPK in New Port Richey, FL.  Enrolled on 8/14/2007.
Elementary School:  XYZ Elementary School, New Port Richey, FL
Years Attended:  K -5
Student Performance and Grades:  John Doe has done well receiving satisfactory grades for successful completion of classes from Kindergarten through 5th grade.
Grades: (see complete school grades attached from school records).
State Test Results:  (see complete school test results attached from school records).
Discipline Issues:  John Doe was involved in a bullying issue as documented by XYZ Elementary School on February 8th, 2013.  John Doe was reprimanded.  John Doe was involved in another bullying incident on March 10th 2015.  John Doe was excluded from “Fun Fridays” and reprimanded.
Juvenile Record: None.
Arrest Record:  None.
Middle School:  Student to start at ABC Middle School on 8/15/2016.
High School:  Student expected to attend LMN High School in 2019.
Health Records:  (see attached health records from school and survey results)
Health Issues:
Familial Health Issues:  History of cancer on maternal side.  History of heart problems on paternal side.
Sibling Health Issues:  Sister has asthma and brother has allergies.
Sexually Active:  According to survey – student denies sexual activity at this time.
Investment Risk:  Good 

Return on Investment:  High

That is just a sampling, a very small sampling, of the type of information they are collecting and have amassed on our children.  Here is a statement from the US DOE data sharing document titled “Strong Foundations:  The State of Post Secondary Data Systems” dated November 2012. “The U.S. Department of Education’s investment in SLDS has accelerated and expanded this data sharing, particularly in the last three years.” And  …there is a substantial and growing amount of statewide, coordinated multi-sector data sharing across the country, much of which likely has been influenced by the U.S. Department of Education Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS)grant program”.  Here is a chart from that same document showing the linkages to the different entities.  This was 2012 – it is now 2016 and the numbers reflected in the chart below have drastically increased:

pic 1

Cheri Kiesecker, a Colorado mom and fierce outspoken advocate who is a member of many advocacy groups and the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy contributed to and helped author this article “The Astonishing Amount of Data Being Collected About Your Children” https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet/wp/2015/11/12/the-astonishing-amount-of-data-being-collected-about-your-children/ published by Valerie Strauss in The Washington Post on November 12, 2015.  What is the purpose of all this data collection?  Do they really want to “improve education” to assist our kids with a “high-quality education”?  Investors, corporations and venture capitalists are “investing” in our kids…..they now have the ability to choose students they want to “sponsor” or “invest in”.  Let me introduce you to a company called Global Education Futures.  www.edu2035   This group released one of many documents in 2007 of their “vision” of the future of education and how they can achieve that vision.   Their vision has turned into our reality.

Here GEF explains how education is seen as an investment asset (in 2007).

“4 Education is now quite literally seen as an intangible investment asset, to which all criteria of investment markets should be applied.  The way this asset is created and capitalized should become transparent and easily manageable (incl. the partial “detachment’ of talent owners, as in stock and credit markets).”  (emphasis mine).

Corporations, investors and capital venturists can invest in your child – this is their vision and they are ensuring this particular plan stays on its current trajectory – “emerging opportunity of direct talent investment”….”$200,000 into a talented young person”….our kids.

pic 3

Here they explain how the new educational technologies remain as hidden opportunities, potentially worth billions of dollars to the “first-movers” in this new huge market. Remember Gates’ comment about the new “billion dollar market”?

pic 6

Here they discuss investing in education with new models of talent for investors.  Does this even sound like a good idea?  Does this sound like our kids will receive a FAPE? or a “high-quality” education?  Depends on if you are the “talent” being invested in or the.. um…”un-talented”?  What happens to the kids who don’t have ‘investors’ interested in them?  Do they still have the same opportunities as the investor chosen talented kids?

pic 5

Online learning?  Personalized education?  Competency based education?  Does any of this sound familiar to you?  It should.  There is a massive push going on right now in our schools to move to “competency based education” (CBE).  Technology can be great!  Who doesn’t like to shop online, check sport scores, do your research for that paper you have to turn in, your banking, etc.  The list is endless.  Not every child is “self-motivated”,  mentally prepared or mature enough for CBE.  States are passing CBE bills at an alarming rate and here in the state of Florida – our legislators passed a bill (HB1365) establishing a CBE “pilot program” in 5 counties.  Just like with the state assessments (PARCC/SBAC/AIR et al) they are developing, validating and refining on the fly.  They are flying the plane while they are still building it in the air and have no idea how to measure our kids competencies let alone gauge it in a definitive report as evidenced by the massive failings and letdown of the much hyped-Common Core State Standards.  Our kids were used in their experiment for the big push to Common Core (without our parental consent) and now they are being used in another experiment to develop and valid CBE .  If CBE turns out to be ANYTHING like Common Core and preparing our kids for “college & career” – we will be in for an epic let down considering Common Core did neither of those two.  But this is what happens when you let corporations, investors, ed-tech companies and non-profits take over the education of our kids.  They ignore years of sound, developmentally appropriate pedagogy and education research for developmentally inappropriate standards written by non-educators and sold to every school district in the country at a huge cost.  The cost of human failure and the damage this is doing to our kids.

Corporate America can now “invest” in our kids.  To see the complete GEF map (I highly recommend you check it out and read the documents) – click on this link – http://www.edu2035.org/pdf/GEF_future-map_en.pdf  It is worth the time to review this map especially as it relates to 2015 thru 2017.  You will begin to see how they aligned and continue to align education and legislation in the states to ensure compliancey with the map.  It’s no accident the CCSSO and NGA hold the copyright for the Common Core State Standards and chose the “chief” of each state (the state DOE or state superintendent) to head up the implementation in their states.  CCSSO helped glorify that by promoting these “chiefs” as important roles.  They were important alright – they were used to open the Common Core door in each state and Arne Duncan pushed it in.  One has to wonder  how much of the “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” GEF has received, after all, this group considers Bill Gates a “hero”.  I’ll hold my comments to myself.

pic 7

Did you catch the line about how the “branded” tracks will GRADUALLY DEVELOP into 24/7 artificial intelligence?

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